Cloudwater x Range Brewing - DIPA v16 8%


They have worked hand-in-hand this time around with Aussie's Range Brewing. While liquid hops have traditionally played a supporting role in their most innovative beers, evolving their impact as technology and real-world feedback shape their usage, this time they wanted them to take centre stage in the brewing process.

Hopped with Citra Incognito from Barth Haas, followed by Nelson and Motueka SubZero HopKief from Freestyle for biotransformation. It then progresses to Galaxy and Citra Spectrum. 

The Result is a huge New Zealand-led bouquet of grape, lime, and gooseberry, complemented by lingering citrus and peach flavours on a dense resinous body that will have you savouring the intense, all-encompassing hop experience.

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